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2009-Dec-8 - Bondage virgin, Sydnee Capri, has little experience. . until now.

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Bondage photos Leather bondage

Sample of bondage anime story: Do it in my bum, Melissa said instantly, surprising both of them. At the same time Holt felt his cock stiffen slightly, poking at her ass. Put it in me and pee. Melissa. It's all right, she interrupted. Pee up my bum. As he leaned forward the length of it penetrated her round bottom and he thought about pumping her, fucking her again but the pressure to urinate was great. O. Pee now. I want to feel it, right up my bum, she told him, pushing her hips back, flattening the mounds of her rump against his pelvis. ..

Faith is back, sporting a new look and sexy as ever. As promised we took it up a notch (BAM) on our former bondage virgin. She came into the shoot horny and needing an orgasm. We teased her, caned her, and flogged her. Eventually we did make her cum but she earned it. Faith is the real deal - enjoy!

Leather bondage

Writhing in tight bondage – a slave"s dream


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2009-Dec-6 - Katja is bound in several positions, gagged, then caned.

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Anime bondage Latex bondage

Lewis was familiar with the playroom, having been there before, though not previously as a prisoner. Out of the van, her feet on the ground again, Patricia briefly attempted to resist being lead on the leash, despite having limited use of her legs , but a choker chain is wonderfully persuasive, and Patricia can be quite pragmatic at times (such as when she's handcuffed and has a choker chain around her neck), so she suspended her struggles and followed obediently. ..

Models fees for the day = a lot; Set, equipment, rope, photos, video, rigger = $too much; Watching Matt make one of the cutest, sexiest lesbians in S.F. cum multiple times whether she wanted to or not = PRICELESS! Maya comes to us for her very first experience with bondage and her first experience with a man handling her. Matt coaxes her to escape, gags her, and forces her to cum. Humiliation, nervousness. It's all here and real. Enjoy.

Latex bondage

Bound, helpless, and horny, they beg for orgasms

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2009-Dec-4 - Dragged deep into the jungle, Jenni Lee must confront her fears.

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Tickle torture Bdsm equipment

Sample of bondage anime story: Although she could wiggle her fingers freely, her thumbs for all practical purposes were gone! The two women used button hooks to close the tops of the gloves around her wrist. Then they unlocked her left wrist from the chair and twisted it to meet the other hand where it was locked up in the loose handcuff. Mariko now sat with her wrists securely handcuffed behind her back and her feet still locked to the chair. ..

Torque plays rough, and Babydoll is one of the toughest submissives around. This is the first of two separate updates this week for the holiday! Happy Thanksgiving.

Bdsm equipment

Submissive/beautiful women/slaves get hot in tight bondage

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2009-Dec-2 - lesbian rape deep purple

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Domination submission Bdsm stories

Little bondage anime story: Sir John? she hesitantly asked. You don't follow instructions very well, do you? I said. Well, we might as well get started, come with me. I allowed her to look around at the birching block, padded horse, X-frame and at the other equipment I had around the room and hanging on the walls. I was about ready to begin. She stammered, Sir John, I have to pee. I had her go over to a shelf and return with a porcelain pot I kept for just this purpose. ..

Lynn is a very willing pain slut for Mistress Cami. She receives a nice cropped pussy and spanked ass with a butt plug inside. This dildo gagged slave satisfies her mistress and then is rewarded with the strap-on while tied in a pile driver and doggy position.

Bdsm stories

Sexy/beautiful women submit

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2009-Dec-2 - girls lesbian rape

Posted in bondageanime
Free bondage stories Bondage leather

Some bondage anime story: I felt my face go flushed as I thought of that word, and tried not to stare at them. Ha, he said, never seen you at these parties before. I nodded at them, and sipped my drink. Hours later, I was still at that bar, and the four of us were joking, and laughing and making fun of the people as we watched them dance and talk among each other. the place WAS getting a bit stuffy. In the car, the four of us were still joking and having a good time. ..

Jazmine Leih and Sandra Romain play two hookers who got busted and thrown in jail. Sandra blames Jazmine for getting them caught and decides to teach her a lesson. Featuring some nice roleplay, creative domination and a big blue strapon cock.

Bondage leather

Genuine Female Submission

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2009-Dec-2 - hot naked lesbian rape

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Women in bondage Cartoon bondage

A piece of bondage anime story: OH MY GOD, NOOOOOOOOOOOO!! she cried out but the fluid had already begun its relentless journey into her, filling her gut. Her tummy was becoming obscenely distended as she became more and more full, but the table she was bound to prevented her the small measure of relief that the expansion of her belly would have allowed. Begging for him to stop the flow, to relieve the pressure and pain, to show some mercy on her. ..

Jezabelle Bond is tall, sexy, has an amazing ass, loves bondage and submission. What more could you ask for? Shy Love dominates her in various positions and makes sure she and her sub have strong orgasms. Smoking fetish included.

Cartoon bondage

Sexy S&M strap-on action

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2009-Nov-30 - lesbian manga rape

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Bondage rape Torture gallery

A piece of bondage anime story: They had just finished drying her when Ann walked back in. The nurse hiked her skirt above her waist, revealing her garter belt, stockings and panties. She sat down on Julie's enormous tits with her pussy shoved up against the bound girl's lips. As she excited her, Ann began moving her ass around on Julie's tits further inciting her bound captive to lick and suck her pussy with even more gusto. She undid the straps and ties that secured Julie to the table and put her back into the wheel chair in the same position that she had brought her down in, and wheeled her out. ..

Lain Oi is real nervous about being dominated by Sydnee Capri, who towers over her. Lain whimpers and moans so beautifully as she is slapped, spanked and whipped. Sydnee commands her slut to lick her feet, pussy and ass before taking Lain with her strap-on cock.

Torture gallery

Sexy/beautiful women submit

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2009-Nov-29 - Annie Cruz takes a fucking machine in the ass full speed.

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Male bondage Bondage pics

In the mean time Cindy had also been undressing David. Then an unusual thought hit David. She should be taught a lesson. He said to her, You really should have offered to help with the dishes. She replied, I'm sorry David. You know I loved your dinner and I really love you. I happen to love you too. Perhaps the best way to show you my love is teach you that lesson. Do you know what happens to thoughtless little girls? They get a good spanking. ..

First off, let me welcome Julie Night to Hogtied. Second, let me tell you she is a rare gem in a world of common stones. This shoot was one of Hogtied's most extreme shoots in the past two years, in regards to corporal. Julie truly gets off on the pain, a genuine pain slut. The harder we hit her, the bigger the sigh of pleasure that escaped from her lips. The harder we caned her foot the loader her moans of pleasure were. Truly remarkable, Julie loves the pain more then anybody I have seen since I have been doing this, she laughed at the category FOUR suspension. The Sgt and I double-team this girl and we do not let up. Julie: you won, and no one has ever won against Hogtied before.

Bondage pics

Submissive/beautiful women/slaves get hot in tight bondage

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2009-Nov-28 - lesbian anal rape

Posted in bondageanime
Self bondage techniques Gay male bondage

A bit of bondage anime story: At the same time, the other hand rubbed the I crotch of her panties, her middle finger going deeper and deeper into the center crease, pushing the silk in until it began to darken with her dampness. I pulled the cloth against my clitoris and inner lips while keeping my thighs tightly shut. Later she learned other techniques, without panties but with handy smooth objects such as the handle of her hair brush. ..

Kirra Lynne comes home at night to find her roommate is out working late. She snoops around in Bobbi's personal belongings and discovers a secret about the girl she thought was normal. This is a fun role play with two hot girls and some kinky sex.

Gay male bondage

Beautiful slaves get spanked and whipped

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2009-Nov-23 - Jandi's clear plastic head harness is buckled on brutally tight.

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Free bdsm stories Bondage free

Little bondage anime story: My hands reached out for and roughly squeezed her full breasts, my fingers finding her nipples and pinching them until they were back to their proper hardness. She had been held in this stringent bondage for a long time, and it was time to let her relax a bit; after all, it wouldn't be a good idea to drain away every ounce of energy: it's no fun if you leave them too weak to scream and shake. Her body stiffened as she felt my fingers slide along the wet lips of her pretty cunt; a cunt that I had come to know very well during the past few days. ..

The moment Sabrina Sparx arrives on set, her exuberant, loquacious and downright hyperactive personality begins to flood the room with cheer and giggles. Not in any mood for cheer and with no use for giggles, cyd unceremoniously bends her over a bar, straps her down and shoves a cold steel hook up her ass. The rest of the shoot goes even harder for Sabrina. The hogtie she is put in is downright brutal, and it comes complemented with a tight face harness ball gag and a set of humiliating nose hooks. This shoot could alternatively be titled "Sabrina Sparx gets an attitude adjustment." When it's done, all the giggling has ceased.

Bondage free

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2009-Nov-20 - thumbs lesbian rape

Posted in bondageanime
Tit bondage Male spanking

A bit of bondage anime story: And I answered, And I am here to accept your gift of yourself as my valued and cherished property, to use with love and fairness, from this day forward. Mistress Sally stepped forward and unzipped the back of her dress, letting it fall around her feet. I made a matching sidestep and she knelt before me on a pre placed rug. Even her mons was freshly shaven only minutes before. Now and forever, I am yours, your property to do with as you wish, to be what you wish me to be. ..

This is a hot scene where Kym is pretty turned on my Emerald.

Male spanking

Genuine Female Submission

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2009-Nov-12 - Lolana really likes being helpless and manhandled.

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Humiliating spankings Sex bondage

Sample of bondage anime story: Strip. I'm not stripping for you or anyone else. She cocked the revolver and aimed it lower. 38 caliber vasectomy, you son-of-a-bitch. My hard-on had long since vanished. Take it all off, she said evenly. I cupped my hands in front of my private parts. You were anxious enough to show it to me a little while ago. Kate, she said with her silky voice, now lie down on the bunk on your back. I stretched out on the bunk. ..

Two girls, twice the trouble, twice the problems. If you do it right however you get twice the orgasms, twice the screams, and twice the fun. Double binds, and girls tied to each other, are the subject for this week's update. New girl Jade Marx is the real deal, and Crystal is sexy and loud as ever! Turn down the speakers and enjoy.

Sex bondage

Bound, helpless, and horny, they beg for orgasms

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2009-Nov-12 - lesbian strap on rape

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Torture techniques Japanese torture

Sample of bondage anime story: I mean, give me a break! I was kind of busy here. And of course, they must be attended to sexually with great frequency if a knight is to maintain any reputation at all among his peers. The rules of the game were strict. If I wished her to survive, I must force her new owner to relinquish his rights. She would be my responsibility and property for a year and a day, after which I could dispose of her as I chose, but not until. ..

Sabrina Fox comes back to Whippedass for a one-on-one BDSM experience with Claire Adams. As a life styler, Sabrina enjoys the endorphin rush from corporal punishment as well as a good mind fuck. Claire challenges her on many levels and respectfully pushes her limits in this intense update.

Japanese torture

Real whipping and spanking of beautiful women


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2009-Nov-12 - classroom lesbian rape

Posted in bondageanime
Belt spanking Spanking girls

A bit of bondage anime story: She always enjoyed sex, but never really could cum. She hoped so! Anne had just finished dressing when the doorbell rang and Dave was there. The clock was showing 1 AM when they returned to her apartment and she asked Dave in. By 2 o'clock, Dave had left and she was upset and still horny. Taking the brochure to bed with her, she started to read it. The pictures showed women in all manner of strange attires. ..

Cute little Penny Play with pigtails and in school uniform gets put in immobility bondage and dominated by Nikki Nievez. Penny confesses that she loves being slapped around and sexually used by hot women. Nikki dishes out punishment making her slave moan and scream with excitement from pain and pleasure.

Spanking girls

Beautiful slaves get spanked and whipped


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1970-Jan-1 - Andy San Dimas is played like hellish piano. Screams are notes.

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Women in bondage Pussy torture

If something is becoming too painful, or if you suddenly find you are claustrophobic AFTER you have been locked into a full-face mask, YOU are the one who must tell the Dominant that you are uncomfortable or in real pain that is unacceptable. Some examples are: `Dog', `Cat', `Rug', `Chevy' or `Ford'. Talk to the Dominant about your choice of `Code Word', and once uttered, the game will be stopped, and you can both decide whether it is completely over, or if you want to go to something less terrifying or trying. ..

It's delightful to twist the fair into the grotesque. The latex frogface hood is the perfect tool for the occasion. With stalks covering blind eyes and a small hole for air to come in and teeth to protrude, it effects her transformation from woman into drooling bondage mutant. The heat and pressure of the hood slowly builds mashing her lips and sealing her nostrils shut. Her gasping breaths are filled with spittle as she drags air in and out, in and out, more frantic by the minute. My only regret is that she can't see what she looks like. Her humiliation would be priceless I'm sure. Ah well..one can't have one's cake and eat it too I suppose.

Pussy torture

Authentic BDSM power play using metal and leather devices with real female submission

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Domination and hard-core sex!

WhippedAss: Real S&M. Pictures and videos of female domination, bondage, humiliation and whipping, spanking and caning.

Violeta enjoying her power over men

High voltage cumming at wiredpussy.com

The hottest, sexiest girls in hardcore bondage in the world


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